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Before you try to find someone to do window repair for you, you need to know what can and can’t be repaired. Although it will make your house energy-efficient,  it can cost hundreds of dollars to have your windows fixed so you can decide if it will pay off in the long run.


What to know before the before you fix your windows

Inspect your windows for decay

Perhaps the most important step before you hire window repair, it is necessary to figure out which parts of the window have suffered decay. A good window repair man should be able to fix jammed slashes, rot, and broken parts.

If for some reason water has penetrated around the frame you need to find someone to repair your windows immediately, as they will start rotting. Most issues will make for simple window repair, and should not be worried about.

Figure out whether you need to replace or repair your windows

Because it is much cheaper to have windows repaired than replaced, check to see how much rot there is in the wood and figure out how much the windows contribute to the houses look, replacing them may decrease the value of your house.

How old your house is

If your house was built before the 1960s, your windows are probably based on a led based paint. This is especially concerning if your window is a single-pane window because the led that will be released when the window is opened and closed, can cause led poisoning in children. If this is true for you, make sure to hire an experienced contractor to do your window repair, because if he does a sub-par job it could result in led poisoning. During the project, more led will be released so make sure your children are outdoors.

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